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Houston Texans April Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

The QB Deshaun Watson shakedown continues. If you have money stay away from the Houston broads and their ambulance chasing mouthpieces. Deshaun and his BLM handlers have decided that he’ll never again be the face of this Franchise. As much as I like Deshaun, I agree with most of the people here in Houston that he needs a fresh start. Will Deshaun be traded Draft Day? Maybe. The judge has ruled that the hoes accusing Deshaun must lose their Jane Doe pseudonyms and re-file their cases using their real names. Therefore, exposing their potential shady side to the public and encouraging them to accept reasonable settlement offers. The ball will soon be in Deshaun’s court. Hopefully he’ll listen to his brilliant legal representation, not his BLM handlers. He’ll have the option to settle with this collection of gold diggers or go to court and expose them for whom they really are!

QB Tyrod Taylor is penciled in as the starter; would like to see QB Zack Wilson in the Texans QB room this summer. We’ll see.

With free agency basically over and with only mid to low round selections to look forward to in the draft I believe it’s time to start projecting who on the O will have fantasy value for us in 2021.The OL sucked last year, at least it looked like it sucked. LT Laremy Tunsil is golden but after that it’s up for grabs. This is a critical area, without a good OL the running game will suck. Again. RB David Johnson, RB Mark Ingram and RB Phillip Lindsey could make an interesting RB committee especially for a 17-game regular season. All depends on that OL finding some guys who can play the interior. The Texans have brought in plenty of new faces. We’ll see.

WR Brandin Cooks’ play last year makes him the Dean of the WR room. After him the WRs seem suspect but all with an opportunity to make their mark. WR Keke Coutee is a 4-year vet who has been up and down. He has speed and quickness and can make plays. The whispers are that he can be lazy; not what you’re looking for. WR Randle Cobbs was with the team last year but couldn’t stay healthy. At 30 is he too old? The dark horse is newly signed FA WR Chris Conley. He has amazing speed and will have an opportunity to fill WR Will Fuller’s speed role.

The D is hurting but loaded with many new faces. I won’t be using them this year as my D. The STs could excel this year having signed a ton of FAs that excel as kick returners, blockers and tacklers.

Go Texans!


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