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Houston Texans February Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

Is the Texans’ implosion intentional? I think so. As crazy as it sounds, I believe the Texans are intentionally flushing QB Deshaun Watson. I believe they have decided to start over at quarterback with fresh, young, and cheap rookie talent. Expect the Deshaun trade before the draft with either the Jets or Jags. I like Deshaun, one of the best cats around, but when a marriage goes bad…

The team may also lose WR Will Fuller. I don’t see them using a franchise tag here. I believe that if he decides to stay for business reasons the team would be delighted. Another one of the great guys on the roster. As a FA he is facing considerable competition in a salary cap challenging year, not so much next year.

I believe we’ll see last year’s young talent including TE Kahale Warring, RB Scottie Phillips, T Charlie Heck, DT Auzoyah Alufohai, DT Ross Blacklock and OLB Jonathan Greenard get an opportunity to develop. These guys are not ready for prime time. This collection of alleged young talent needs big time coaching in 2021.

RB David Johnson has demonstrated that he could gain big time yards with decent run blocking. He doesn’t always show that burst but the offensive line fails are well documented. Lousy guard play was a killer last year. Where is Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews when you need them?

WR Brandin Cooks’ play last year was superb, he’s an essential part of the O.

The D is ready for a complete make over. Go Texans!


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