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Houston Texans Late August Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

QB Deshaun Watson is ready. OL in place. Running game capable of eating the fourth period clock. Fast and quick WRs. RB David Johnson, WR Will Fuller, WR Kenny Stills, WR Randle Cobb and WR Brandin Cooks should be on your fantasy team this year.

Will second year TE Kahale Warring emerge? By far the most talented pure TE on the roster. TE Jordon Thomas and TE Jordon Akins aren’t blockers but are massive fast receivers. They will be on this team. Speed kills in the NFL.

Expect the Texans to score. Any of the names listed above could have an interesting year.

The Texans want to win now and have $21.3 MM of remaining cap cash to pick up more talent. They are looking for more DL that have gas in the tank. They recently picked up DT PJ Hall who has flashed in camp. Hope is that he can play in the rotation. Rookie DT Ross Blacklock and DL Charles Omenihu are guys trying to find their niche. The front seven will have to play well if that suspect secondary is going anywhere other than the toaster. The DBs looked so bad in that play-off game in Kansas City last January.

Last year’s special teams played well for the first time in their history. Prior to last year they played so poorly that they were responsible for losing two or three games each year! They have added talent this year. They have signed two aces, S Michael Thomas and LB Daren Bates.

So, there you have it going into 2020. A maybe very good O and Special Teams with a ‘wanna be’ average D.

I believe that the O will have to score a lot of points for them to win this year. If you’re starting to draft consider drafting some of the Texans WRs, RB, and of course, their QB.


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