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Green Bay Packers May Scouting Report
Mike Hankes

This is the post draft report. I will say that the Packer draft was "interesting". The Packers went into the draft with 10 picks and selected 9 players. Suffice it to say that they did not draft any new fantasy players for this year. If football is played this year there will be a lot of familiar names fantasy wise for the Packers. This draft told me a few things about how the head coach and general manager view their roster. The first is this draft was more about depth and the future than about the here and now. The second is last year’s draft class will be expected to step up in a big way. The third is that they like the roster at positions the fans do not. And fourth – the Packers are helping their free agency cause next season – I will explain as I go. Here are the draft picks:


Round 1 – 26 overall – QB Jordan Love – the Packers showed this player a lot of attention prior to the draft as they did 2 other quarterbacks. I thought it could be a smoke screen – apparently not. Love gives the Packers a player who could inherit the starting role about 2 years into the future – assuming good health to QB Aaron Rodgers. For Aaron Rodgers this has to be déjà vu all over again – only now he is the quarterback to be replaced and not the new guy coming in. I think that it will be interesting to see how he handles that. In my draft document I said Love plays a lot like former Packer QB Brett Favre in his early days. Love had a coaching and player turnover his senior year at Utah State which is a lot for any quarterback to overcome. Anyway, if Love doesn’t work out, the Packers have enough time to guess again before Rodgers retires – assuming he can play as long as he stated he wants to. If Rodgers sustains a serious injury this coming year we will see him sooner. Meanwhile, QB Tim Boyle is still the backup quarterback. QB Manny Wilkins has been released.


Round 2 – 62 overall – RB AJ Dillion – was a power running back at Boston College. This pick indicates to me the Packers intend to re-sign RB Aaron Jones and possibly trade RB Jamaal Williams. I think that there are not enough roster spots (or footballs) to keep both. Williams is an unrestricted free agent next year. Either way Dillion should contribute this year. But Jones will still be the fantasy player of note.


Round 3 – 94 overall – TE Josiah Deguara – was the University of Cincinnati’s record setting TE in terms of receiving. He doesn’t have a typical tight end body type so the Packers might view him in the full back/H-back type role. He could be a gadget player if the Packers guessed right and contribute this year. TE Jace Sternberger will be the new featured tight end and could be a good fantasy player. And TE Mercedes Lewis will still provide blocking when the Packers need it.


Round 5 – 175 overall – LB Kamal Martin – played well in a tough Minnesota (Big 10 School) defense. While not flashy he is a willing tackler and is very dependable. So he will be thrown into the inside linebacker group and we will see what happens. There is just a chance he could be starting – but ILB Ty Summers might have something to say about that.


Round 6 – 192 overall – OL Jon Runyan – his dad played in the NFL. And while he might not be the player his dad was, he could move from is right tackle spot at Michigan to compete at guard where he might be better suited in the pros. Just speculation at this point, but maybe OG Cole Madison isn’t the player the Packers thought he was after returning from his year off. Jon brings his father’s demeanor and knowledge to the table.


Round 6 – 208 overall – OC Jake Hanson – was a pure center at Oregon. He has not played any other offensive line positions. OC Corey Linsley is an unrestricted free agent next year. So Hanson is getting chance to show he can replace him after next year.


Round 6 – 209 overall – OG Simon Stapaniak – is a pure guard who might have been drafted earlier if it were not for an injury. On film he anchors well in pass protection and can move people out on running plays. So he comes with some promise. And maybe the Packers are ready to move on from OG Lane Taylor and his oversized contract for a backup.


Round 7 – 235 overall – S Vernon Scott – should provide depth at a position I thought would be addressed earlier in the draft. Scott played at TCU where he played with current Packer ILB Ty Summers. So now they are teammates again. Admittedly Scott was not on my pre-draft radar.


Round 7 – 242 overall – DL Jonathan Garvin – won’t play defensive line in Green Bay. He will have to make it as a rush outside linebacker. He had 10 tackles for loss this past year for Miami. He has the build for the outside linebacker position. He could be the guy replacing former Packer OLB Kyler Fackrell. But he will have to beat out some other completion to win the job.


Undrafted free agents include the following:

CB Stanford Samuels – Florida State – he was a priority free agent signing.

DB Henry Black – Baylor – Starter – 58 total tackles which is 5th on the team.

DB Marc-Antoine Dequoy – from Canada – he was a priority free agent signing.

Edge Rusher Delontae Scott – SMU – had 18 tackles for loss this past season.

Edge Rusher Tipa Galeai – Utah State – 55 total tackles, 9 for loss, 5 sacks.

DE Willington Previlon – Rutgers – 35 total tackles, 8 for loss.

LB Kyrs Barnes – UCLA – 74 total tackles (2nd on team), 10 for loss, 4 sacks. 7 PBU.

LB Frankie Griffin – Texas State – 67 tackles, 6 for loss, 2 forced fumbles.

OL Travis Bruffy – Texas Tech – He is intelligent and mobile.

OL Zack Johnson – North Dakota State – played both tackle and guard in college

QB Jalen Morton – Prairie View A&M – had a 149.3 passer rating.

RB Patrick Taylor – Memphis – 4.5 yards per carry – third on team.

TE/FB Jordan Jones – Prairie View A&M – caught 28 passes, mostly a blocker.

WR Darrell Stewart – Michigan State – 2nd on team with 697 receiving yards.


The preferred Packer fantasy selections are QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Aaron Jones, WR Davante Adams – and maybe PK Mason Crosby and the Packer Defense. So this wasn’t what we expected, but all the things I could control; company, snacks, environment, etc., were met. When they pay me to make decisions then I will worry – but since I don’t have a wife who will move to Green Bay, I am safe. Thank goodness we "only" have fantasy stuff to concern ourselves with. See you next month when we will see how virtual workouts are going.



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