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Houston Texans April Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

With OT Laremy Tunsil and QB Deshaun Watson future contracts in mind the Texans’ $19.379 MM of remaining cap cash should limit any more major trades for this year.

I believe the team is anticipating a shortened season. They have been loading up on veteran O talent planning for a shortened but high scoring run for the Title. The fans and media are pissing with the puppies and crying like babies. They hate the HC’s moves. This could be a short but fun season like the 1982 and 1987 seasons that were marred by player strikes; both won by the Redskins HC Joe Gibbs. That wasn’t a coincidence!

The Texans will run big back RB David Johnson behind a returning offensive linemen of starters OT Laremy Tunsil, OG Max Scharping, C Nick Martin and OT Tytus Howard. I believe the Texans are patterning this team after those old Redskins teams. Remember the Hogs, RB George Rogers and RB John Riggins? Do you see the similarities? The Texans sure needed to run the ball when they were up 24-0 in KC during the play-offs. Would have made all the difference in the world.

Those Skins Superbowl teams both started playmaker WR Art Monk. Will playmaker WR Will Fuller and WR Kenny Stills stay healthy and produce? Will WR Randle Cobb and WR Brandin Cooks come in and be magic? The TEs played a dominating role in last year’s red zone. Can we expect more of the same this year?

The Texans have traded away most of their high draft picks for this year and next. This O is committed to the veterans. Reminds me of Conquistador Hernán Cortés’ approach of burning his ships in 1519 before he took on the Aztecs in Mexico City.

DT D.J. Reader was lost in free agency, but his position was semi filled with the FA signing of DT Timmy Jernigan. Wisconsin LB Zack Baun with his diluted urine sample is my favorite choice for the Texans’ first pick with the 40th selection of this years’ draft. The Texans need lots of help on D. All their selections could be D players.

For them the die is cast. "Alea iacta est", exclaimed Julius Caesar as his army crossed the Rubicon. If they don’t go all the way this year their HC should watch his back on March 15, the Ides of March!


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