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Washington Redskins February Scouting Report
David Vohs

The Redskins finished their season at 3-13 this past season. They were 0-6 in the NFC East. The Redskins were 2-10 in the NFC. They scored 16.63 points per game with 9 rushing TDs and 18 passing TDs.

Let’s look at areas that the Redskins need to get better.

The Redskins have the #2 pick in the NFL draft. They could move down (if they can find a partner to trade with) and gather more picks OR they could do several other things. They have cut CB Josh Norman and WR Paul Richardson. That saved them $19M or so with about $5M cap hit. WR Terry McLaurin is the future of this team and they need to get him a good compliment. Other people who are probably being looked at are TE Jordan Reed (already released by Washington), LB Ryan Kerrigan and OL Trent Williams picking up another $30M in cap space. Odds are saying the Washington Redskins will draft DE Chase Young probably the highest rated player in the draft. That will happen if Cincinnati takes QB Joe Burrow. Draft needs for the Redskins include Offensive Tackle, Wide Receiver, Interior offensive line, Cornerback, Linebacker, Tight End, Edge rusher, Safety, and running back.

So what does that mean for the Redskins at the Fantasy Skill positions?

QB: Let’s make the assumption that QB Dwayne Haskins is the answer for the Washington Redskins. The NFL is doing it’s best to prove that to win a SB, you need a cheap GOOD QB. Haskins has shown progress and the Redskins need to allow QB Dwayne Haskins to grow, make mistakes and lead this team.

RB: RB Adrian Peterson comes back as insurance for RB Derrius Guice. Those two could be very potent next year if Guice can come back again. He was having a great year when injured again. RB Chris Thompson and RB Wendell Smallwood have the capability of big play 3rd down players. Can RB Bryce Love come back?

WR: WR Jerry Jeudy or WR CeeDee Lamb could really help the Redskins but how do you pass up a player like DE Chase Jones? This draft is deep with WR so they could easily get a very good one in the second round. I bet they snag at least one in the draft early. WR Terry McLaurin is a great young WR and should be a #1 or #2 for this team for a long time.

TE: With the departing of TE Jordan Reed, this team will find one in FA. They should draft a young TE as well.

Free Agency and the Draft are coming up and will be covered in the next couple of reports.


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