Making the Right Call (2003)

Dear FFMastermind.com Reader:

I am not a newcomer to the game of fantasy football. I have played and ran fantasy leagues for nearly 15 years, having compiled a rather impressive record during that timeframe.

Nonetheless, even an old hand such as myself finds using a service like the Fantasy Football Mastermind very useful. Why? Simply because of the broad, overall, and often "inside" coverage, that a man truly and uniquely dedicated to his craft, like Michael Nazarek, provides. I may not always agree with the Mastermind, but I am always interested in his opinions nonetheless. Often, such opinions will be provided in personal response e-mails that cater to my personal and specific questions and quandaries that arise during the course of a typical NFL season. If that's not possible, Mike will often raise interesting topics and themes in his weekly premium in-season publication, especially in the section called "The Market". That's what I call "service"!

I truly believe that despite many super successful seasons in the past, which include stepping out and predicting greatness in the rookie seasons of Curtis Martin, Edgerrin James, and Duante Culpepper, this last season just may have been his very best ever.

Don't believe me? Please let me show you some of the ways. For example, the Mastermind was hittinghome runs with Wide Receivers all year long:

1) Stated pre draft that he thought Darrell Jackson would post similar numbers to Koren Robinson but could of course be drafted several rounds lower. How did that spread pan out?

2) He was bullish on Ike Hilliard and best of all, one of his sleepers was a little known receiver for the Carolina Panthers called Steve Smith.

3) He called Anquan Boldin the REAL deal right after his breakout first game, instead of playing the cautious waiting game most other fantasy analysts took.

4) He was never big on Keyshawn Johnson and grew increasingly negative on him as the season progressed. In fact, I traded away Keyshawn largely due to Mike's insistence, despite personal misgivings a week prior to his season ending suspension.

These are some of the major "calls" that I recall from the season that just ended. I am sure there were more. Now, this is not to say that Mike is always 100% correct in all of his insights but overall I'd stack up his batting average over any of his growing army of competitors.

I won't get into the specific helpful aspects of the Mastermind site because he can do that far better himself. But I truly believe that he offers a superior product that even a grizzled and savvy veteran with his own ideas such as myself is willing to pay for.

Give it a shot and I think you will come to a similar conclusion.

Bogey Balata, Chicago IL.

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