Making the Last Pick Count (2004)

Dear FFMastermind.com Reader:

I have been a premium subscriber to Fantasy Football Mastermind for 7 years and recently I realized that the way I thought of my decision to subscribe had changed from a whim or luxury item to an absolutely mandatory weapon in my draft planning and campaign execution each year. I simply feel I would not be preparing for the season productively if FFMastermind.com was not part of planning my draft.

I have one really strong competitor that I seem to trade the League Title back and forth between each year (except 2002) and I strongly suspect but have not been able to confirm (ain’t Fantasy Football fun!) that he is a Fantasy Football Mastermind subscriber as well.

After I won the title in 2003, we redrafted the entire NFL (We are now a 3 year Keeper League) so I did not expect to repeat in 2004 drafting last, but I did make the playoffs and am in very good shape going into the draft.

I have always drafted my one TE with my last pick of the draft and when the very last pick came to me in 2004 I took the highest ranking TE that was left on my FFMastermind.com draft cheat sheet: Antonio Gates.

He will be the first TE made a Keeper in the history of our humble league, by me. The days of pick the TE last are in the past.

Tom Brennan
Millbury Massachusetts


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