Getting Off the Hot Seat (2005)

Dear FFMastermind.com,

Well, we (my brother and I partner) have finally did it. We won the pub league I started 4 years ago. It started out with very simple scoring so that all the players (all were new to FF) could understand how the game is played.

First year, we came in 2nd and lost in the semi-final and had the most points in the last week (would have won the super bowl). Second year, we added some new scoring items and we again came in 2nd and lost in the semi-final, but had the highest scoring team in the final week. Third year, added some more items and again was 2nd and lost in the semi-finals but had the highest scoring team in the final week (is this a repeat???).

Boy, we have been getting toasted over the brews from the crew. Each year a different owner won, usually by luck... This year, new scoring to bring the league to the standards held by the guys on the Subscribers Board. This year, we finished 1st in the regular season, by one point. We won the semi-final by over 100 points and then pulled out the victory this week.

What a relief, now I don't have to take all the "heat" for being the guru who could not win. Our team as follows: QB: E. Manning, Hasselbeck and Delhomme; RB: Priest, LJ, Tiki, KJones, TJones, Benson and Suggs; WR: Holt, S. Smith, Boldin, Shockey, G. Lewis and R. Brown; PK: Stover and Lindell; D/ST: Carolina. We traded Mike Anderson, Barlow and Stallworth and received Boldin and Suggs as our only moves. What a year. The draft was excellent and the team just kept scoring.

It is a testament to FFMastermind.com premium services and the paying subscribers that a team like this could be drafted and maintained all year. Thanks guys, for getting me off the HOT SEAT in the local pub...

Once again thanks to Mike, the stall and all boarders here for all your support and knowledge, it definitely makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Turtel - Super Bowl Package Subscriber & Fanatical Subscribers Board User

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