The 2019 10 Demandments of Fantasy Football

by: God (as told to his humble servant John Holler)

Editor's Note: Below you will find THREE of the TEN Fantasy Demandments for 2019 (they change every year).  If you'd like to read all ten, please click HERE to order our 2019 Pre-Season Draft Guide.

"In the beginning, He that is God created fantasy football. He looked and said it was good." Genesis 17:52

For many years, He has parted the clouds and imparted wisdom to those who serve as his vessel to convey His message. A couple thousand years ago, Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments – a guide to life that some, but not all, still live by.

If you follow these guidelines, He will be pleased because He sends these Demandments to you because He wants to give you every opportunity to find the Promised Land at the end of the season.

The First Demandment

Thou Shalt Invest In the Grounded Flock – The running back position has always held sway in the first round of drafts and they have always garnered the most money in auctions regardless of when a player is thrown out. Overspending becomes the norm. It is for a reason. The elite running backs can dominate a fantasy roster. There are enough quarterbacks and receivers to go around where every owner can have some quality players. But, the dominant running back has become more valuable as their numbers have thinned out in recent years as more teams have gone to combinations of specialty backs and the day of the one-man backfield have become fewer. With the dwindling number of 25-touch-a-game players out there, the value on those players has grown. While He advises not overspending on most positions – set a limit and stick to it – the one exception is when it comes to landing a star running back. You need to have one of the top five or six running backs on your roster. Get one early – even at a stiff cost – and build the rest of it from there. If you have to overspend, it least make it the guy you want and not the one you get in a bidding war over that you didn’t want.

The Fourth Demandment

Thou Shalt Band Opposing Prophets Together – There are always some fantasy owners that commit too much of their roster space to a single team. If that team was Kansas City, New Orleans or Los Angeles (either one) last year, those owners who stocked up players from that team likely came away with more than their fair share of wins, but, as always seems to happen, one bad week turns a great season into one that ends in disappointment. There is something to be said for matching a quarterback and one of his top receivers, but, when one of them has a bad day and the offense is limited, it’s a double gut punch. However, if you have an elite quarterback, pairing him up with his kicker is a tactic that makes a lot of sense. If your QB is lighting things up, the kicker will be getting his points one at a time. If, however, your QB struggles in finishing off drives, coming away with two or three field goals helps cushion the blow. They tend to complement each other when one struggles. The other picks up the slack and the combination of the two will consistently score you points – even when the defenses keep your QB in check.

The Ninth Demandment

Thou Shalt Be Fruitful and Multiply – There are times when He rolls his eyes at fantasy owners that overstock their rosters with players from the same team. It happens every year. Sometimes it’s just dumb luck and other times, it’s a planned strategy to ride a hot horse all season. However, when this strategy is taken, you’re at the mercy of that team rolling up 30 or more points every week. When Tom Brady had his record-setting season in 2007, a lot of owners found a way to hook up Brady and Randy Moss and rolled into the playoffs. But, in Week 15, the Jets held Brady, Moss and Welker to nothing and the same players that rode teams to regular season titles were dead and gone before the championship game. The same happened with Denver in 2014. Peyton Manning and his receivers were huge all season, but, in Week 15, were held in check by the Chargers and those overloaded with Broncos may have had the best record in the league, but weren’t playing with a title on the line. Those loaded with Chiefs ran roughshod over their league last year until, you guessed it, Week 15. Patrick Mahomes had one of least productive games of the season, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce had modest stats and Kareem Hunt had been cut, leaving many of their owners on the outside looking in for championship week. Having players from high-scoring is always valuable during the season, but if you want to win championships, diversify your roster, so one low-scoring game can’t kill your chances of overcoming it and winning.

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