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The 2016 Official FFMastermind.com Draft Plan

by: Michael Nazarek  (UPDATED 8/23/2016)


Editor's Note: Below you will find the 2016 Official FFMastermind.com Draft Plan for the first two rounds of a fantasy draft.  If you'd like to read the sections covering the next eight rounds, please click HERE to order our 2016 Pre-Season Draft Guide.

In the past, subscribers have asked me to get into exact detail regarding how I draft and the specifics regarding how I analyze the draft, my team needs, and how the actions of owners around me cause me to alter (or move forward) with my Master draft plan. Thus, the official FFMastermind.com Draft Plan was born. This plan is developed to inform subscribers of how I actually “think on the fly” during a draft. As I've done the past four years, I’ll go in rounds of two’s and make distinctions for non-PPR and PPR leagues as well as the occasional QB heavy league. I can tell you I no longer play in basic scoring leagues and only play in 12-14 team leagues. Most of my leagues are PPR, but not all of them. Most leagues have ten starters, so I’ll take you through the first 10 rounds of my drafting process. This initial version of the plan is based upon ADP taken from MyFantasyLeague.com in mid-July, 2016. I will be updating the plan throughout the summer, as needed. Let’s get right to the first round…


ROUNDS #1-#2

Pick 1.01 – 1.06: There are only two RBs I'd choose from for this pick, along with three WRs or TE Rob Gronkowski. Yes, the difference between Gronk and the rest of the TE field is still that big! The mantra regarding QBs has not changed. The only way I would draft a QB here is if the league weighted QB heavy with 6-points per TD pass, and only if I knew I could NOT get a top 4 QB with my second round pick. As for my second round pick, if I have an elite STUD RB on my roster, then I’d likely take best available WR with my next choice. If a top 6 WR is available, I’d likely take him here. In QB-heavy leagues, if I took a QB in the first round, I’d weigh the top remaining RBs, WRs, and Gronk. I'd likely take a top three WR ahead of an elite RB, but if they are gone, I'd probably take a top 7 RB if Gronk is also gone. Things have changed since last summer.

Sample rosters after two rounds
PPR: WR Odell Beckham Jr., RB Mark Ingram
Non-PPR: RB LeVeon Bell, WR Keenan Allen
QB-Heavy: QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Lamar Miller

Pick 1.07 - 1.12(14): You must assume that a top 4 RB won’t be available when your turn arrives. If one is, then jump on him and consider the best available WR in the second round (especially in PPR leagues). Drafting late in the first round, you get an early second round pick. That’s a good thing considering you likely won’t get a top 4 RB. In PPR leagues, I usually target the best available WR & RB with my first two picks unless I draft Gronk. A combination of RB Adrian Peterson and WR Allen Robinson is preferable to one of RB Adrian Peterson and RB Lamar Miller since it’s a long time until your third pick. You would then be lucky to draft WR Jarvis Landry as your #1 WR. In a non-PPR league, if you draft two RBs first, then a player such as WR Demaryius Thomas could slide to you late in the third, making taking two RBs first in non-PPR leagues more viable. That said, in most cases, I'd still prefer to go RB/WR or WR/RB in non-PPR leagues for a more balanced approach (unless you draft Gronk). In QB-heavy leagues, I take a top 5 QB first if you know he won’t last until your second pick. I’d probably take a RB with my other pick unless a top 3 WR slides to me.

Sample rosters after two rounds
PPR: RB Adrian Peterson, WR Allen Robinson
Non-PPR: TE Rob Gronkowski, RB Mark Ingram
QB-Heavy: QB Ben Roethlisberger, RB Adrian Peterson

ROUNDS #3-#4




As mentioned atop this release, if you like to read the entire article, please click HERE to order our 2016 Pre-Season Draft Guide.

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