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2022 Madness Rookie Draft Reference Guide: Free Sneak Peek

by Draft Specialist John Cooney
RELEASED: 4/24/2022

Welcome to a special SNEAK PEEK into Mastermind's Madness: 2022 NFL Rookie Draft Reference Guide. Many people have asked us to see a few samples of our site's primary spring premium product, so we have decided to oblige the masses with a quick look into a key section of this 75+ page guide. Below you will find the complete Quarterback Rankings Profiles section of the 2022 Rookie Draft Reference Guide.  We remind everyone the players profiles are only a PARTIAL list of all players included in the guide. Rookie Draft Specialist John Cooney covers 128 initial player profiles within this cut of this guide. If you like what you see and want to see more, don't hesitate to review what Mastermind's Madness is all about in our Premium Subscription Center or ORDER OUR PRO BOWL OR SUPER BOWL PACKAGE NOW

Click below to check out ALL 12 Rookie Quarterback Player Profiles!

*2022 Madness Rookie Draft Reference Guide: Quarterbacks - 4/24/2022

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