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FINAL Version VII - 613 Jam Packed Informative Pages

(Includes Customizable Cheatsheets, MCP Board & Master's Trading Edge!)




-- 2014 Pre-Season Draft Guide FINAL Version VII Released! --

The wait is over, but that means the fun is just starting. Version VII of our 2014 Pre-Season Draft Guide has been released! This 7th and FINAL version of the guide is 613 pages and is jam-packed with 27 fantasy articles, drafting strategies, and fantasy analysis for both new fantasy players and hardcore fantasy football veterans. This year's guide is FFMastermind.com's 18th annual LIVING document. It has not only grown to more than 500 pages (2013's was 650+ pages), but it has also morphed into the ultimate fantasy player's draft guide. We're excited about this release, and so should you! NOW is the time to ORDER it! With fantasy magazines outdated (from early May), our 2014 Pre-Season Draft Guide is that much more valuable for fantasy players SERIOUS about winning their league championship!

Looking for a Fantasy Football Draft Guide with the latest fantasy information you can't find on the web? Look no further than the 2014 FFMastermind.com Pre-Season Draft Guide. As we embark on our 19th season, we remind everyone there is NO FILLER in this guide... NO duplicate articles, NO NFL season schedules, NO NFL draft postings, and NO advertisements. All of this information is/will be found at our site for FREE. Why pay for stuff you can view for FREE?

In our guide, you get current up-to-date player analysis and rankings (updated and customizable EVERY WEEK from the release of the fantasy football draft guide in June through the start of the season) along with team notes you can't find ANYWHERE! You'll find Rookie, Sleeper, Deep Sleepers, Creeper and Deep Creeper Previews (categorized) as well as in-depth player ranking analysis broken down by TIERS. We don't give you a one-liner for each player. We give you at least an entire PARAGRAPH of analysis (including any injury concerns and AVERAGE DRAFT POSITION) to back up our ranking as well as a special STAT FACT concerning the performance of that player. Our guide also includes a Free Agent Review where we discuss the "Best" and "Worst" free agent moves of the off-season.

We'll also provide you with critical drafting tips for EVERY POSITION to ensure you get the best value for your picks including the MASTERMIND'S BEST BET.  We'll supply additional tips for those of you in auction and dynasty/keeper leagues. Of course, we will have coverage of DEFENSIVE PLAYERS once again. Along with our individual defensive player cheat sheet, we offer sleeper, creeper, impact rookies, and defensive draft strategy sections. Other services make you pay extra for defensive player information, but not us. This special section is INCLUDED in a Draft Guide Purchase!

You'll also receive comprehensive TIERED cheatsheets from the initial release in June to the start of the regular season. Beginning in early August and lasting all the way to week #1 of the NFL season, FFMastermind.com takes reporting NFL news for fantasy owners one step further. We guarantee DAILY guide supplemental updates and guide subscribers can get their fix with the release of our Premium Pre-Season Quick Bits - News & Views feature! This feature debuted in 2001 and has grown exponentially in recent years with all the key NFL news bits posted along with FANTASY ANALYSIS regarding those bits as a daily supplement to our Pre-Season Draft Guide. It is UPDATED MULTIPLE TIMES EACH DAY and is E-MAILED EXCLUSIVELY TO PREMIUM GUIDE SUBSCRIBERS.

FFMastermind.com is proud to announce The MCP (Mastermind Championship Projections) Board returns once again in 2014! Premium Draft Guide subscribers can get a special look at our initial cut of 2014 fantasy player projection on our customizable MCP Board! Just log into your account to check it out! Patrons of our site can get a preview from 2013 of this special feature HERE.  The 2014 MCP Board comes at no extra charge with a premium Pre-Season Draft Guide purchase.

So... When your looking for the most comprehensive Fantasy Draft Guide this summer, please consider FFMastermind.com. At more than 500 pages constantly updated until the season begins, it REMAINS the best value on the web!

View a Free Sneak Peek of our 2014 Mastermind Pre-Season Draft Guide


"I bookmarked your site and checked your free content for years.  Then I decided

to order your Draft Guide after hearing all the good things about it. 

Well, I must say I was NOT disappointed with my purchase.  

I drafted a championship team with your help and

now you have a draft guide subscriber for life! "

- George Windsor (2009 Premium Draft Guide Subscriber)


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  • Initial Release - June 27, 2014.
  • Projection Updates Between All Major Updates As Needed. 
  • Daily Premium Quick Bits - News & Views (Debuts in August)
  • July 25, 2014.
  • August 1, 2014.
  • August 8, 2014.
  • August 15, 2014.
  • August 22, 2014.
  • August 29, 2014.
  • August 31, 2014. (Final Cheatsheet Update)

Available in Two Formats via Password Protected Site

  • Web Page (Adobe PDF) Format.
  • Online HTML Web Page Format.

The Awesome Masters List (Non-PPR & PPR Customizable CheatSheets!)

  • Input Your Scoring System, Press a Button, and BANG! Instant Cheatsheet!
  • FFMastermind.com EXPANDED Player Projections with IDP Included 
  • Change our Projections or Input Your Own!
  • Point-Per-Reception & Non-Point-Per-Reception Versions Provided
  • Handles Special Scoring Rules - Interceptions, Fumbles, Receptions, etc...
  • Handles Distance Scoring
  • MS Excel App.

Sample Screen Shot from Master's List:

        Scoring Page

Special Note: The Masters List is excel based (works on Windows - all versions of Microsoft Excel and works on a Mac - all versions of Microsoft Excel prior to Excel 2008), which requires no installations (assuming you already have Microsoft excel).


The 2014 MCP (Mastermind Championship Projections) Board

  • Fully Customizable - Create your scoring system, save it, and it's added to the drop down list of pre-generated systems (no need to recreate your system each time the board is updated!)
  • More than 475 Player Projections!
  • Fully Sortable - Many columns of projections sortable at the click of a button
  • The Mastermind's Comments for every player listed - Mike's current thoughts on all entries
  • Two printing options - Print tables with or without my comments
  • More detailed projections - Passing attempts, completions, rushing attempts, fumbles, etc.
  • Multiple Positional Viewpoints - View RBs and WRs or RBs/WRs, and TEs, or just WRs and TEs
  • Updated throughout the summer as news breaks!
  • NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING! Don't know Excel? No problem! Everything is completely online!
  • Preview it in 2014 HERE!

The Masters Trading Edge (Draft Pick Trade Calculator!)

  • Comprehensive Draft Pick Value Table
  • Combo Draft Pick/ADP/Offensive Players Value Table
  • Combo Draft Pick/ADP/Offensive Players/IDP Value Table
  • Player Tables Updated Often Throughout the Summer
  • Available in Easy to Print HTML Online Format

In-Depth Player Ranking Analysis

  • Top 30+ Quarterbacks
  • Top 10+ Back-up Quarterbacks
  • Top 80+ Running Backs
  • Top 90+ Wide Receivers
  • Top 30+ Tight Ends
  • Top 30+ Place Kickers
  • Top 32 Defensive Teams
  • Top 40 Overall Rankings
  • We Tell You Where These Players Are Being Drafted (Average Draft Position)
  • Special Unique Statistical Facts for Each Player

EXPANDED Projected Statistics

  • Top 30+ Quarterbacks
  • Top 80+ Running Backs
  • Top 90+ Wide Receivers
  • Top 30+ Tight Ends
  • Top 30+ Place Kickers
  • Top 32 Defensive Teams
  • Top 45 IDPs (DL, LB, DB)
  • Top 40 Overall Rankings

Tiered Cheatsheets (Released in June; Updated Weekly From July 26th to the Start of the Season)

  • All-in-One Ranking Sheets
  • Basic Scoring Leagues
  • Performance Leagues
  • Dynasty Leagues
  • All are TIER Delimited
  • Sleeper Designations
  • Rookie Designation
  • Auction Values Listed
  • BYE Weeks Listed
  • Weekly Ranking Changes Color Coded
  • Additional Rankings for TEs Grouped in with WRs
  • Top 30 Quarterbacks
  • Top 80 Running Backs
  • Top 90 Wide Receivers
  • Top 30 Tight Ends
  • Top 30 Place Kickers
  • Top 32 Defensive Teams
  • Top 40 Overall Rankings
  • Top 30 Defensive Linemen
  • Top 30 Linebackers
  • Top 30 Defensive Backs
  • Available in Downloadable MS Word Format

Exclusive Fantasy Drafting Tips

  • Basic Scoring Leagues
  • Performance Leagues
  • Auction Leagues
  • Ultimate Salary Cap Leagues
  • Keeper Leagues
  • Dynasty Leagues

2014 Average Draft Position (ADP) Charts for PPR and Non-PPR Leagues, IDP and Team Defenses

The 2014 Big Uglies - Offensive Lines Preview - 15,000 Comprehensive Words (nearly 30 pages)

Offensive Depth Charts (Three Teams Deep) Updated Each Week During the Summer

Keeper Korner Spotlight

  • Fantasy Analysis of Specific Young Players
  • Released Periodically in August

Exclusive Fantasy Articles: (Version VII - 27 Listed Below):

  • The 2014 FFMastermind.com Draft Plan -- Michael Nazarek - 8/20/2014 Hot  UPDATED!
  • Perfect Draft - 10-Teams, PPR, 16 Rounds -- John Cooney - 8/20/2014 Hot!
  • Perfect Draft - 10-Teams, Non-PPR, 16 Rounds -- John Cooney - 8/20/2014 Hot!
  • Perfect Draft - 12-Teams, PPR, 16 Rounds -- John Cooney - 8/14/2014 Hot!
  • Perfect Draft - 12-Teams, Non-PPR, 16 Rounds -- John Cooney - 8/13/2014 Hot!
  • RBBC - The Four Most Hated Letters in Fantasy Football -- Chris Rito - 8/8/2014
  • True Confessions from a QB-Heavy League -- Eddie Rex - 8/8/2014
  • Players in Their Contract Year -- John Cooney - 8/8/2014
  • Magic Quarterback Handcuffs -- Chris Rito - 8/8/2014
  • Gimps & Dweebs Who Can Help You Win -- Eddie Rex - 8/8/2014
  • Specialty Players - AKA Creative Point Acquisition -- John Cooney - 8/1/2014
  • Backup QBs - Who’s the Next Tony Romo? -- Chris Rito - 8/1/2014
  • Hanging in the Red Zone -- John Holler - 7/25/2014
  • Get Out the Handcuffs -- John Cooney - 7/25/2014
  • Fantasy Impact: Pass-Catching RBs -- John Cooney - 7/25/2014
  • Player Percentage: Who's on the Field & Who Isn't -- John Holler - 7/25/2014
  • Passing Fancy - Strategies for QB-Weighted Leagues -- John Cooney - 7/25/2014
  • Busting the Wedge - Points via Return Specialists -- John Cooney - 7/25/2014
  • Designing Your Draft Strategy 2014 -- Chris Rito - 6/27/2014
  • The Ten Demandments -- God (as Told by John Holler) - 6/27/2014
  • 2014 SOS-Strength Of Schedule Intro -- John Cooney - 6/27/2014
  • 2014 Strength of Schedule - The Passing Game Plan -- John Cooney - 6/27/2014
  • 2014 Strength of Schedule - The Running Game Plan -- John Cooney - 6/27/2014
  • Coaching Carousel 2014 -- John Holler - 6/27/2014
  • Tailoring Your Draft Strategy for Your League Rules -- Chris Rito - 6/27/2014
  • Joltin' Juniors: Year Three Wide Receivers 2014 -- John Cooney - 6/27/2014
  • The Tricks of the Trade in 2014 -- Chris Rito - 6/27/2014

Special Fantasy Player Previews

  • NFL Rookies (Fantasy Impact)
  • Sleepers (Obvious, Darkhorse, Longshot, Deep)
  • Creepers (Special Deep Creepers Included)

In-Depth Training Camp Team Capsules

  • All 32 Teams Covered
  • Extensive Player Analysis
  • Special Training Camp Tidbits

Special Player Analysis for Unique Scoring Systems

  • Big Play QBs
  • Most Accurate Deep Throwers
  • Mad Bombers - Quarterbacks that will connect on the deep ball
  • Goal Line QBs
  • Acre Eating RBs
  • YAC RBs - RBs that gain the most yards after the catch
  • RBs Going Coast-to-Coast
  • Goal Line RBs
  • Touch 15 Players - RBs who see at least 15 touches
  • Wildcat Strikers - Players who can run the wildcat
  • Big Play WRs
  • Red Zone WRs
  • YAC WRs - WRs that gain the most yards after the catch
  • Big Play TEs

Special Defensive Preview

  • Fantasy Strategies for Drafting Individual Defensive Players
  • Sleeper Preview
  • Creeper Preview
  • Impact Rookies


Special Access to Real Expert League Drafts In-Progress (includes pick analysis)

  • FanEx Experts League (Fantasy Analysis Draft - FAD)
  • FFWebMasters Experts League
  • FanEx Experts League
  • SOFA Classic Experts League
  • SOFA IDP Experts League
  • Masters Vegas League


Comprehensive Weekly NFL News & Notes Update

  • Player Holdouts
  • Player Signings
  • Player Cuts
  • Player Trades
  • Rookie News
  • Injury Situations
  • Miscellaneous Notes
  • Last Minute Draft Tips

Daily Updates of Premium Pre-Season Quick Bits News & Views (August)

  • Late Breaking News
  • Late Breaking Cuts
  • Late Breaking Signings
  • Late Breaking Trades
  • Analysis of How the Above Items Affect Our Weekly Rankings Update

Special E-Mail Injury/Trade/Signing/Cut Updates

Updated Depth Charts - Access from June through the First Week in September

Complimentary FF Mastermind Week #1 Newsletter

Free Bonus: 2015 Free Agent List & Analysis - Players in the Final Year of their Contract


View a Free Sneak Peek of our 2014 Mastermind Pre-Season Draft Guide


"I bookmarked your site and checked your free content for years.  Then I decided

to order your Draft Guide after hearing all the good things about it. 

Well, I must say I was NOT disappointed with my purchase.  

I drafted a championship team with your help and

now you have a draft guide subscriber for life! "

- George Windsor (2009 Premium Draft Guide Subscriber)


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